Below is a partial list of things Councilmember Angela Andrews has accomplished during her first term in office. Just imagine what she could do with four more years:


  • Angela organized a catalytic converter stamping event with the Eden Area ROP and Hayward Police Department, deterring theft and auto crimes.
  • Angela helped create the Foothill Action Plan, focusing on downtown revitalization and public safety on Foothill Blvd.
  • Angela voted to enhance safety procedures at the Southland Mall.
  • Angela advocated for the Hayward Evaluation and Response Teams (HEART) for mental health as part of emergency response, freeing up law enforcement resources. This includes the Hayward Mobile Evaluation Team (HMET), Mobile Integrated Health Unit (MIHU), and Case Management & Mental Health Linkages Team (LINK).
  • Angela worked to clean up unsafe issues facing the Alameda County Children’s Assessment Center, protecting children from potentially abusive environments.
  • Angela championed the creation of Hayward’s Ebony Alert system, improving safety for Black women and children.
  • Angela helped update Hayward's fireworks ban ordinances, increasing safety by addressing dangerous illegal fireworks.
  • Angela supported updates to Hayward's sideshow ordinance, collaborating with community leaders to create safe spaces while addressing dangerous sideshows.

Parks and a Clean and Green Hayward

  • With the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force, Angela brought back the Beautiful Yard Contest to bolster community pride.
  • Angela approved Hayward’s Climate Action Plan, ensuring our city remains a bold environmental leader.
  • Angela championed the creation of Linear Park.
  • Angela secured a small public art fee on new developments to beautify Hayward, attract more visitors, and create a city welcoming to artists.

Housing and Homelessness

  • Angela has consistently voted to support affordable housing developments and housing for all income levels, proactively addressing our region wide housing crisis.
  • Angela approved the "Let's House Hayward!" strategic plan to reduce homelessness.
  • Angela supported enhanced legal resources for low-income Hayward residents facing evictions, helping keep Haywardians housed.
  • Angela supported the Food Action Plan to reduce hunger in Hayward and help families afford necessities.


  • Angela advocated for Hayward’s Safe Routes for Seniors program, identifying high risk intersections and making them safer.
  • Angela advocated for Clean California funds to support cleaning up Hayward-area freeway interchanges.
  • Angela worked to open up the South Hayward BART station parking lot, making BART more convenient and accessible for all Hayward residents.


  • Angela helped organize the first annual Senior Fest, providing critical resources for seniors.
  • Angela has worked collaboratively to improve economic development downtown and in other commercial corridors, including West Hayward.
  • Angela worked to help small businesses persevere during the pandemic, unlocking city resources and removing red tape where possible.
  • Angela organized toy drives with County Supervisor Elisa Márquez and Councilwoman Julie Roche.
  • Angela was instrumental in launching Hayward’s first Juneeteenth celebrations, which included a free COVID-19 vaccination clinic in 2021.
  • Angela worked with the Russell City Reparative Justice Project to embrace their recommendations, now moving through the City Council.
  • Angela supported updates to the sidewalk vending ordinance that strengthen community and support small businesses.
  • Angela supported raising the Pan-African Flag over City Hall, a Hayward first.