Hayward has major decisions to make about its future. Here's where Angela stands on some of the biggest issues.


When the COVID-19 crisis ends, Hayward will need leadership to help reopen businesses, bring back jobs, and keep people in their homes. Angela Andrews experienced hard times in the Great Recession, and knows the pain of losing a job at the worst moment. Hayward will need Councilmembers who have both lived those experiences AND understand the tools that City government has at its disposal. She has the lived experience and the professional experience to make Hayward a more resilient city.


California continues to be in a housing affordability crisis, and we must build more housing in Hayward. In two years as a Planning Commissioner, Angela has recommended housing developments that brought more than 350 new homes to Hayward. She is in favor of continuing to build housing strategically to address the region’s housing shortage and keep people in their homes. She is committed to helping people experiencing homelessness get back on their feet, and serves on the Downtown Streets Team Advisory Council, homeless job re-entry and housing placement program.

Quality of Life

Hayward residents should be able to look around our neighborhoods and love our city. That means creating safe, clean and appealing spaces throughout the City. As the former Chair of the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force, Angela organized volunteer clean-up efforts in various neighborhoods, spearheaded a beautiful yard contest, and led the paintings of murals and other public art. She supports both public safety and community-focused services to black and brown lives. She will work on the Council to stop police shootings and hold officers accountable.

Want to discuss a particular issue more? Contact Angela directly by emailing [email protected].